The God of All Nations

There are some soldiers when they surrender, they still have some secret weapons on them. So they will show the oponent that they have surrender, but their heart and their mind is not really for the oppossing team. At times we do the same with God. We surrender our strength, and other things, but we are not really about His business (Jonah 2-4). In the book of Jonah, Jonah surrender his strength in the belly of the fish, but after he preach the word of God to Nenevah we saw that the only thing Jonah surrender was his strenght. If we still have some secret sins under our belt that is a sign that you have not really surrender to God. If you are still chasing after your own desires instead of Gods, that is also a sign that you have not fully surrender to Jesus. When we came in this Earth we were automatically on the devil team. Thats why God is asking for all humanity to surrender to His team. It is up to you today to examine yourself to see who team you are on.


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